Harry Callaghan Consultancies

Harry Callaghan, S.S.R.H., Master Hairdresser, MSc, M.I.T. (London) TC, LCG.

Harry Callaghan has been operating for 23 years on a consultancy basis, specialising in hair & scalp problems, providing bespoke expert advice to clients.

A.I.T is an associate member of the institute of Trichologists.

About us

Harry Callaghan trained and qualified at the Institute of Trichologists in London gaining A.I.T. status in 1992 and in 1994 gained M.I.T. status. A.I.T. is an associate of the Institute of Trichologists. M.I.T. is a member of the Institute of Trichologists. The Institute of Trichologists was founded in 1902 in the UK by a group of hair professionals and medical doctors.

Trichology (derived from the Greek word “Tricho) which simply means hair. A Trichologist is a person who has trained and qualified in the field of the science of the hair and scalp. Trichology is classed as paramedical. Trichologists may liaise with doctors and other health practitioners when particular hair and scalp problems maybe symptoms of underlying medical conditions.

Trichological training involves extensive study of: Biology, Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry, Consultation diagnostics

Trainee Trichologists and qualified Trichologists follow the professional code of ethics as set out by the Institute of Trichologists. Qualified Trichologists are encouraged to carry out continual professional development to help keep them in the know and up to date. Every year there is an annual general meeting to which points are given to Trichologists who attend, also there are other seminars which Trichologists can attend and gain points to show that they are updating. These points can be seen on the Institute of Trichologists website by going into the Trichologists of your choice the points will be on their profile.

Our specialist services include:

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